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Buy full-color, dye-sublimated 5 foot full color table cloth at factory direct pricing. Get free shipping, all-over print, custom brand color matching, free art proof, and free designer assistance at no additional cost when you purchase your 5' tablecloth from WoW Imprints. Also available for 4', 6', and 8' standard, counter height, demonstration height, and custom-sized tables in 3- or 4-sided options.

5ft Customized table cloths are a must for your table display at business events, trade shows, schools, colleges, universities, churches, seminars, small business expos, conferences, corporate meetings, product launches, farmers markets.

With our factory direct pricing, we ensure that the highest quality personalized tablecloths are available at surprisingly affordable prices for you. These durable 5 foot table cloths are available in stretch, fitted, and throw styles in a variety of options. 

You will love the high definition print quality and clarity of our 5ft custom table covers. To your added advantage, at no extra cost, we can print multiple logos and your business colors (matching the pantone color number you provide). In addition, if you want an all-over print on your tablecloths at no additional cost, you have come to the right place.

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Why buy 5ft Custom Tablecloths from WoW Imprints?

  • Free Shipping, Fast Delivery - No minimums.
  • Factory Direct Pricing  - Cheapest Price Guaranteed.
  • Premium Collection of 100% Polyester Fabric, 5' Custom Tablecloths. 
  • One Color or Full Color Printing - No additional costs.
  • Print Logo on Tablecloth Front, Back, Sides, Top - No extra charge.
  • All Over Imprint (Edge to Edge) - No upcharges.
  • Dye Sublimation, High Resolution Full Color Printing.
  • Unlimited PMS Colors, We match the Table Covers to your Brand Colors.
  • Free Art Proof, No Setup Costs, No Additional Fees.
  • Free Designer Assistance for Vector Art Conversion.
  • 3 Sided and 4 Sided Table Covering Options.
  • Available in a Variety of 5' Standard and Custom Tablecloth Sizes.
  • Available for 29" Standard, 36" Counter and 42" Demo Height Tables.
  • Wrinkle Resistant, Flame Retardant, Water Proof, Stain Resistant Fabric Options.
  • Custom Size Tablecloth - Any Width, Any Length, Any Height - We make them.
  • Easy Care, Machine Washable, Durable 5 Foot Custom Table Covers.
  • Imported Custom Printed Tablecloth - 100% American Quality Guaranteed.  

What Size Tablecloth for 5ft Rectangular Table?

Are you ordering custom tablecloths for a 5' (60") rectangular table and don't know what size to order?

At WoW Imprints, you can purchase 5ft custom tablecloths in several widths: 18", 24", 30", and 36" for a 29" standard height table, a 36" counter height table, and a 42" demonstration or bar height table.

The most commonly used 5-foot standard folding table dimensions are 24" wide or 30" wide standard 29" height tables. In addition, counter tables are 36" high, and Demonstration tables are 42" high. Since you are ordering a fully customized tablecloth that cannot be returned, we highly recommend measuring your table size before ordering. Please see the below picture for how to measure your table, Width (W) x Length (L) x Height (H).

 How to measure your 5' rectangular table.

If you are uncertain about your table's dimensions, consider using throw style table covers as they are versatile and can fit multiple table sizes. These covers are crafted to adapt to various table dimensions, providing flexibility when you are unsure about the exact measurements of your table.

For custom sized 5ft tables or specific requirements, feel free to reach out to us for a personalized price quote.


Special Discounts for Bulk Orders and Wholesale Purchases of 5ft Tablecloths

If you're in need of a large quantity of 5ft custom table covers, WoW Imprints is your ideal destination. We offer exclusive discounts for bulk orders, ensuring the most competitive prices available. The discount you receive can vary depending on factors such as table size, style, selected options, and quantity. Our wholesale discounts start from orders of two or more table covers, with savings increasing as the quantity grows, enabling businesses to benefit from cost-effective bulk purchases.

Explore more about our wholesale discounts on our dedicated wholesale promotion page. If you need assistance with a wholesale quote, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat, email, or phone.

5ft Fitted Style Table Coverings (6 options):

  • 3 Sided Box Style (Open Back)
  • 4 Sided Pleated Style (Closed Back)
  • 4 Sided Box Style (Closed Back)
  • 4 Sided Box Style ((Closed Back - 1 Back Slit)
  • 4 Sided Box Style (Closed Back - 2 Back Slits)
  • 4 Sided Box Style (Closed Back - Zipper Back)

5ft Fitted Style Table Coverings

5ft Stretch Style Table Coverings (3 Options):

  • 3 Sided (Open Back)
  • 4 Sided (Closed Back)
  • 4 Sided (Closed Back with Zipper) 

5ft Stretch Style Table Coverings

5ft Throw Style Table Coverings (2 Options):

  • 3 Sided (Open Back)
  • 4 Sided (Closed Back)

5ft Throw Style Table Coverings

How to order 5 Foot Custom Table Covers?

Step 1: Choose 5ft table size.

29" Standard Height Table
36" Counter Height Table 42" Demo Height Table
• 18" W x 60" L x 29" H

• 24" W x 60" L x 29" H

• 30" W x 60" L x 29" H

• 36" W x 60" L x 29" H
• 18" W x 60" L x 36" H

• 24" W x 60" L x 36" H

• 30" W x 60" L x 36" H

• 36" W x 60" L x 36" H
• 18" W x 60" L x 42" H

• 24" W x 60" L x 42" H

• 30" W x 60" L x 42" H

• 36" W x 60" L x 42" H
Note: 'W" - Width of Table, "L" - Length of Table, and "H" - Height of Table

We always recommend that you measure your table size before ordering. Since this is a custom made tablecloth order, it cannot be returned or exchanged.

Step 2: Choose 5ft tablecloth style.

  • Fitted Style Covers
  • Throw Style Covers
  • Stretch Style Covers

Step 3: Choose 5ft tablecloth options.

1) When you choose 5' fitted style covers - the below options will be available

  • 3 Sided (Open Back)
  • 4 Sided (Without Pleats)
  • 4 Sided (With Pleats)
  • 4 Sided (Without Pleats - 1 Back Slit)
  • 4 Sided (Without Pleats - 2 Back Slits)
  • 4 Sided (Without Pleats - Zipper Closure)

2) When you choose 5' throw style covers - the below options will be available

  • 3 Sided (Open Back)
  • 4 Sided

3) When you choose 5' stretch style covers - the below options will be available

  • 3 Sided (Open Back)
  • 4 Sided
  • 4 Sided (Zipper Closure)

Available in variety of styles, our 4 sided custom table cloths will have a floor length drop on all sides, whereas our 3 sided tablecloth will have a floor length drop only on the front and 2 sides with an open back, which allows you to easily access things under the table.

If you prefer a 4 sided table covering and want easy access to things stored underneath your table without removing the table cover, you can choose our 4 sided (zipper closure) option.

Step 4: Choose 5ft table cloth Fabric.

1) For 5 ft Fitted Style and Throw Style Coverings, below fabric options are available

  • P 16 (160 G) - Economy Basic Twill Polyester Fabric.
  • P 18 (165 G) - Basic Polyester Polyester Fabric
  • P 21 (165 G) - Flame Retardant Polyester Fabric
  • P 23 (165 G) - Water Proof, Stain Resistant Polyester Fabric
  • P 30 (220 G) - Commercial Grade Water Proof, Flame Retardant Polyester Fabric

2) For 5 ft Stretch Style Coverings, below fabric options are available

  • P 19 (180 GSM) - Basic Spandex Fabric
  • P 22 (180 GSM) - Flame Retardant Spandex Fabric
  • P 24 (180 GSM) - Water Proof, Stain Resistant Spandex Fabric
  • P 27 (240 GSM) - Commercial Grade Premium Flame Retardant Spandex Fabric

Step 5: Enter 5ft table cloth color you need.

Choose the 5ft table cloth color you need. You can choose "white," "black," "royal blue," "navy," "blue," "red," any color options you need. If you want us to match your brand color, please enter the pantone color code (coated), and we can match 1000+ Pantone coated colors.

Step 6: Choose logo placement on the 5' custom table cloth.

  • Front - For printing on front.
  • Front & Back - For printing on front & back.
  • Front & Top - For printing on front & top.
  • Front, Back & Top - For printing on front, back and top.
  • Front, Top & Sides - For printing on front, top and both sides.
  • Front, Back & Sides - For printing on front, back and both sides.
  • Front, Back, Top & Sides - For printing on front, back, top and both sides.
  • All Over Imprint - For edge to edge all over imprint

Step 7: Upload your Vector Artwork

Upload your vector illustrator file (.AI, .EPS, .PDF vector file). Want to print multiple logos? You can add additional files with our upload more files option.

Don't have a Vector Illustrator file?

When you need a high definition 5' table cloth, you need a vector artwork file for the best printing quality. But most small businesses do not have a vector artwork file. A vector Illustrator file is a must for large format printing. We convert your image files (any format you have) into vector art for free, thus saving your valuable time finding a designer, while we recreate your logo into vector art for free. Please keep in mind that if your logo is very complex and may take more than 1 hour of our designer's time to recreate, we can recreate your artwork for a fee. For more details about our designer service, click here.

Step 8: Production Time (After Proof Approval)

Available options:

  • 2-3 Days [Standard Production Time]
  • 1 Day [Fast Production Time]
  • Same Day Shipping [Fastest Production Time]

Final Step: Order Notes [Special Requests]

Enter your special requests, order notes and we will accommodate your special requests and make them the way you need it.

That's it. You are ready to complete your order. Get your order delivered free to Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia.

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an art proof sent to your registered email address. It is important to approve or ask for changes ASAP. Any delay in doing so may cause a delay in your order's production.

Your order will be processed immediately upon approval of the art proof and delivered within 5-8 business days. Once your art proof has been approved, the order cannot be changed or cancelled.

Artwork File Requirements

Having a vector file is essential to achieving high-resolution printing. It enables your graphics to scale infinitely without compromising resolution, ensuring that we can resize your art file to fit the dimensions of the ordered tablecloth without any loss in quality.

If you don't have a vector file, we offer the service of converting your image file to vector art for a nominal fee of $1. It is important to note that if your logo is complex and requires more than an hour of our designer's time, there may be an additional charge for recreating your artwork. For further information, visit our designer services page.

Accepted File Types

  • Adobe Illustrator: .ai, .eps, .pdf
  • Adobe Photoshop: .psd, .tiff
  • Adobe InDesign: .indd

Instructions for Art File Submission

  • Convert all text to outlines.
  • Make sure to include or embed all linked files.
  • Images should maintain a minimum resolution of 100 DPI at their full print size.
  • Keep design elements on a distinct layer apart from the background.
  • Submit the artwork as a unified, print-ready file, showcasing the final design layout.
  • To guarantee accurate color matching, we recommend utilizing Pantone PMS numbers to specify artwork colors.
  • Consolidate multiple graphics or logos into a single, print-ready file, precisely arranged as the final product layout

It's essential to understand that the final product may differ slightly from what is displayed on a computer monitor. If PMS numbers are not provided and approval is based solely on CMYK values, returns will not be accepted for color discrepancies.

What happens after you complete your order for 5 ft Custom Table Covers?

What happens after you complete your 5 foot customized table cloth order with WoW imprints? Please find below the step-by-step process.

How does it work when you place your order with WoW Imprints.
  1. The order is received.
  2. Artwork proof is sent to you for approval. You can request changes or approve them.
  3. Once the artwork proof is approved, your order is processed.
  4. Your order will be ready to ship in 2 business days.
  5. Your order will be delivered in 3-5 days after production is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about 5' customized tablecloths

Q: What is the cost of customized 5ft tablecloth?
A: The cost of 5ft customized table coverings varies depending on the size of your table's width, length, and height, the number of covers ordered, and the fabric used. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific requirements. 5ft tablecloth prices start at $115 each.

Q: Do you provide wholesale pricing?
A: Are you looking to order bulk quantities of 5 ft custom table covers? Get in touch with us to receive up to 35% off on wholesale purchases.

Q: How do I measure my tables when ordering?
A: Measuring your tables when ordering 5 foot custom table cloths is simple. Ensure that you measure the length, width, and height of your tables accurately. Order the exact size from our website options for a perfect fit. 

Q: I cannot find my table size on your website. Can you make custom sizes?
A: Yes, we can make any size you need. Please provide your table measurements (width, length, and height) and a picture of your table to us by live chat or email. We will be happy to assist you with your custom-size table covering requirements.

Q: Can you send me a proof of the artwork before I place my order?
A: Yes, please send your vector artwork file to along with a screenshot of your shopping cart. This will help us know the size, color, fabric, and tablecloth options you need

Q:How big should my logo be on my table covers?
A: We provide flexible logo printing services to meet your needs. Whether you prefer a small, medium, or large size for your logo on the tablecloth, we can deliver high-quality results tailored to your specifications.

Q: Can I change the design after placing an order?
A: Yes, you can make changes to your design before the art proof is approved. However, once the art proof has been approved, we will not be able to make any changes to your order.

Q: Will the printed colors be the same as what’s on my screen?
A: Colors may vary slightly when printed compared to what is seen on screens due to monitor restrictions. To match your PMS brand colors accurately, please provide us with the Pantone color code (Coated) for precise color reproduction.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?
A: Our production process is efficient, and we aim to deliver your order within the specified time frame. However, the exact delivery time may vary depending on the complexity of your design and the number of covers ordered. For urgent orders, before completing your order, we recommend checking with us for the required dates.

Q: What shipping method do you use for free shipping?
A: We only use FedEx or UPS to ship the tablecloths. All our table coverings are delivered within 5–8 business days after the art proof is approved.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: We have no minimum order quantities. You can order as many covers as you need for your event.

Q: How do I clean my custom table covers?
A: Cleaning your table covers is easy. Machine wash them with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the cover

Q: What is your return policy?
A: All products at WoW Imprints are custom-made especially for you. We do not accept returns. If there is any damage to your order, please send a picture to within 7 days of the delivery date. After 7 days, the buyer assumes all responsibility for any damage.

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