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Custom Printed Tablecloths for Round, Square and Rectangular Tables personalized with your creations. Design your personalized tablecloth and create a unique dining experience for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Birthdays, Weddings and all major events, festivities and celebrations.

*** Important Note 1: Please note that all sizes listed are tablecloth sizes and not table sizes. If you have a 60 inch round table and you need a 15 inch drop, you will need to order a 90 inch round tablecloth and not a 60 inch round tablecloth. Please note this is a custom made tablecloth and cannot be returned.

*** Important Note 2: Please note that on dye sublimation printing method the maximum width is 60 inches and all tablecloth above 60" will have seams. Available fabric options:

  • P 16 (160 G) - Basic Twill
  • P 18 (165 G) - Basic Polyester
  • P 21 (165 G) - Flame Retardant
  • P 23 (165 G) - Water Proof, Stain Resistant

If you do not need seams, we can digitally print them upto 118" wide without seams, please contact us if you need a seamless tablecloth.

In digital printing, your entire artwork, or pattern, is printed on the polyester fabric surface, whereas, in dye sublimation printing, your entire artwork, or pattern, is infused into the fabric. Dye sublimated printing looks more vivid compared to digital printing, and the color withstands many washes without fading.

Why buy Personalized Round, Square and Rectangle Tablecloths Custom Printed from WoW Imprints?

  • Free Shipping - No minimums.
  • Water Proof, Oil Proof and Stain Resistant Fabric.
  • Full color dye sublimation - No color limitations.
  • No setup fee - Free artwork service.
  • Custom sizes - We make any size you need.
  • Full Imprint - Print on the entire Tablecloth.
  • Highest Quality Premium Commercial Grade Polyester.

Do you need extra wide or extra long dining tablecloths? At WoW Imprints, all tablecloths are cut and made for you, and we can make any custom size you need. Please feel free to get in touch with your extra large dining tablecloth requirements and we will be glad to serve your needs.

Looking for a Floral Tablecloth or a Patriotic Tablecloth for the 4th of July? You can custom design your table cover with a floral design or a patriotic design of your choice and we will print it for you.

Why buy boring solid color tablecloths or ready made stocked tablecloths when you can custom print round, square, and rectangle tablecloths with your own personalized creations and designs that match your home decor? These tablecloths will be a perfect and unique gift for your loved ones, which is essential for a great dining experience.

How to order our Personalized Round, Square and Rectangle Tablecloths Custom Printed?

Step 1: STYLE - Choose Tablecloth Style. Available options below

1) Round Tablecloth
2) Square Tablecloth
3) Rectangle Tablecloth

Step 2: SIZE - Choose Tablecloth Size. Available options below

Round Tablecloth Sizes
36 Inch 70 Inch
40 Inch 72 Inch
42 Inch 84 Inch
48 Inch 90 Inch
50 Inch 96 Inch
52 Inch 108 Inch
54 Inch 120 Inch
60 Inch 132 Inch

Square Tablecloth Sizes
36" x 36" 70" x 70"
42" x 42" 72" x 72"
48" x 48" 80" x 80"
52" x 52" 85" x 85"
54" x 54" 90" x 90"
60" x 60" 108" x 108"

Rectangle Tablecloth Sizes
36" x 60" 60" x 120"
48" x 60" 60" x 126"
52" x 70" 60" x 140"
52" x 90" 60" x 144"
54" x 72" 70" x 90"
54" x 96" 70" x 108"
54" x 108" 70" x 120"
60" x 80" 70" x 126"
60" x 84" 70" x 144"
60" x 90" 70" x 162"
60" x 102" 72" x 120"
60" x 104" 90" x 132"
60" x 108" 90" x 156"

- Upload your Vector Artwork File. We accept .ai, .eps, .pdf and all vector files. If you want us to match your Pantone Colors. Please mention Pantone # in the order notes, we use 'C' color disk for printing.

That's it. You are ready to complete your order. You will receive art proof sent to you for approval. If you need any changes you can ask for an revised art proof. Your order will be processed immediately upon approval of the art proof and delivered within 6 - 14 business days.

Important Note: Please keep in mind that "wrinkle resistant" means fabric boasts the ability to resist creases for a short time. It does not include folding and packing for a long time. When you receive the tablecloth, we kindly request that you flatten the tablecloth and iron it to remove the folding wrinkles.

How to Calculate Correct Tablecloth Sizes for Round Table, Square Table and Rectangle Table?

1) For Round Table:
Step 1: Measure your Round Table Diameter.
Step 2: Decide the Tablecloth drop you need.

Tablecloth Size = Table Diameter + 2 times (drop)

If your Round Table Diameter is 60 inch Round and you need 15" tablecloth drop to the floor.
Tablecloth Size = 60 inch round + 2 times (15") = 60 + 30 = 90.

You will need to order 90 inch Round Tablecloth for your 60 inch Round Table.

2) For Rectangle and Square Tables:
Step 1: Measure your Table Width and Length.
Step 2: Decide the Tablecloth drop you need.

Tablecloth Size = (Table Width + 2 times (drop)) x (Table Width + 2 times ( drop))

If your Table Width is  60 inch and Length is 60 inch and you need 15" drop to the floor.
Tablecloth Size = (60 inch + 2 times (15")) + (60 inch + 2 times (15")) = (60+30) x (60+30)

You will need 90 x 90 inch Square Tablecloth.

For any custom requests, wholesale quotes or any questions on our Personalized Round, Square and Rectangle Tablecloths Custom Printed, please contact us and we will be happy to assist with your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Q: Can you make custom sizes on Personalized Round, Square and Rectangle Tablecloths Custom Printed?
A: Yes, we can make any table cover size you need. All our products are cut and made upon orders. If you need custom sizes, please contact us and we will be very happy to make them for you.

Q: Will print colors be the same as what’s on my screen?
A: Colors will differ slightly when printed. Actual colors will vary from the color on your screen due to monitor color restrictions.

Q: Can you send me art proof before placing order?
A: Yes, please send your vector artwork file to with art proof request.

Q: What shipping method do you use for Free Shipping?
A: We use only FedEx or UPS for Shipping. All our products are delivered in 6-14 Business Days after art proof approved.

Q: Can you deliver my order before my deadline?
A: Yes, we can do rush production for your order at no extra charge. Please enter your deadline date in the order notes. You can also check with us before completing your order. 

Q: How many colors can you use for printing?
A: We use CMYK for printing, you may use any number of colors you like.

Q: Are your custom printed table covers machine washable?
A: Yes, our table covers are easy care and machine washable with cold water and mild detergent.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: All orders are custom made specially for you. We do not accept returns. If there are any damages to your order, please send a picture to, within 7 days from delivery date. After 7 days, buyer assumes all responsibility for any damages.


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