Square Tablecloth Sizing Guide

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How to Calculate Tablecloth size for Square Tables?

Step 1:
Measure your Table Width and Length.
Step 2: Decide the Tablecloth drop you need.

Tablecloth Size = (Table Width + 2 times (drop)) x (Table Width + 2 times ( drop))

If your Table Width is  60 inch and Length is 60 inch and you need 15" drop to the floor.

Tablecloth Size = (60 inch + 2 times (15")) + (60 inch + 2 times (15"))
Tablecloth Size = (60"+30") x (60"+30")
Tablecloth Size = 90"x90"

You will need  to order 90 x 90 inch Square Tablecloth for your 60 x 60 inch Square Table.

What is the ideal tablecloth drop? 
How many inches should a tablecloth hang over? Click to read.

Square Tablecloth Sizing Chart 

Tablecloth Sizing Chart for Square Tables


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Have questions on Tablecloth Sizing for Square Tables? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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