Tablecloth Sizing Guide for Round, Rectangle and Square Tables

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Ordering the correct tablecloth size for your table is very important. The tablecloth sizing for round, square, and rectangle tables varies. Let us explain in detail.

The drop is the first important thing when ordering a tablecloth. You might have in mind: why should I worry about the tablecloth dropping?

Tablecloth drop is very important when calculating tablecloth sizing. The cloth overhanging on the sides of the table is called a "tablecloth drop."

If you order a tablecloth without a drop, there won't be any overhang. The tablecloth will just cover the table top.


What is the Ideal Tablecloth Drop?

Before we discuss about the tablecloth drop. Where are you going to use the tablecloth? Just Casual or Formal?

For Casual use, the ideal tablecloth drop would be minimum 6" upto 10" for 30" Height Standard Table. Anything above 10" will reach lap level (leading to discomfort to the seater) unless your table is an custom height table.

For Formal use, the ideal tablecloth drop would be minimum 15" upto floor length. For floor length you need to check your table height, mostly 29"/30" for standard sized tables. Please keep in mind some custom tables are 36" Height, 42" Height, we would recommend measuring your table height before ordering.

In addition if you are planning to tie the tablecloth with an sash make sure to add an additional 6" to 9" to your tablecloth drop.

To make it easy for you, please find below a tablecloth sizing guide for the most popular round, square, and rectangle table sizes.

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Tablecloth Sizing Guide for Round, Square & Rectangle Tables

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For questions on Tablecloth Sizing for Round, Square and Rectangle Tables. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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